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Porro prism binoculars invented by Ignazio Porro, were the first binoculars on the market. The design gives them sturdy ergonomics but much brighter optical capabilities as compared to roof prism binoculars. These classic binoculars are usually equipped with individual focusing mechanism and foldable eyecups and are still loved by many outdoor enthusiasts, since they still hold tradition. Down below are top 10 Porro binoculars that we consider as one of the best ones on the market at the moment.

1. Zeiss Marine 7×50 GA T*

These Porro binoculars from Zeiss are incredibly stable and beautifully designed. They are enclosed in rugged rubber armouring which offers a non-slip grip and maximum protection against impacts. Incredibly bright binoculars due to unique Zeiss T* layers of coatings on lenses and prism system are perfect even for the nighttime use. They are fully waterproof and will never let you down even in the most challenging weather conditions. This impervious construction makes them perfect companions for marine applications.


2. Docter Nobilem 8×56

This discontinued series from Docter offered three models of Nobilem binoculars. 7×50 and 10×50 configurations for marine applications and bird watchers and a giant Nobilem 8×56 perfect for nighttime observations for hunters and other nature enthusiasts. Lenses are covered in multi-layer coatings with anti-reflection ability so they offer an image with incredibly low distortions and chromatic aberration, which is one of the lowest seen in any binoculars. Incredibly bright Nobilem binoculars are also watertight and covered in rugged rubber armouring to protect them against ingress of water and different impacts that could destroy the construction.


3. Steiner Nighthunter 8×56

Nighthunter offers three models of these unyielding Porro prism binoculars where the 8×56 model is one of the most legendary low-light binoculars made by Steiner. With 70 years of tradition, these binoculars hold the greatest optical technology. Incredible field of view helps with quick and easy tracking of the fast moving target. Special Makrolon® housing from polycarbonate makes them extremely lightweight and well protected. Less fatiguing carrying around and rugged rubber armouring for non-slip grip gives them great ergonomics and watertight construction that will protect them even in the water depth of 5 meters. Special Nano-Protection coating on outer lenses helps to repel moisture, dust and dirt and prolongs the life of these binoculars.


4. Swarovski Habicht 7×42 GA

This Swarovski Porro prism binoculars Habicht 7×42 are modernized and enclosed in very rugged green rubber armouring that is able to protect them for a lifetime. These binoculars are incredibly lightweight and very comfortable to hold in hands. All-round configuration makes them very versatile and their great light transmission rate allows you to observe clearly even during the most challenging light conditions. These legendary classic binoculars are no doubt very appealing to everyone that looks for traditional binoculars with outstanding optical ability.


5. Steiner Commander 7×50

As Steiner Nighthunter, Commander 7×50 offers Makrolon housing that reduces the weight, making them more lightweight and Nano-Protection coating on outer lenses with lotus effect that significantly repels moisture and other particles. Perfect for marine applications, these binoculars won’t let you down due to incredible light transmission rate and waterproof construction. They are equipped with great accessories such as ClicLoc® neckstrap system for quick release and Ergo-Flex side flaps that block the light and the wind from the sides.


6. Fujinon 7×50 FMTR-SX-2

With great field of view (131 m), high-quality optical coatings and great protection make this Porro model of binoculars made by Fujinon one of the best on the market. They are enclosed in rubber armouring that as compared to the leather protect them significantly better against impacts. This Fujinon 7×50 model in the FMTR-SX-2 series is extremely bright and offers razor-sharp images from edge to edge. They are also well protected due to tight seals and fog-proof due to nitrogen filling.

7. Nikon 7×50 IF SP WP

This Nikon model represents one of the best Porros on the market, perfect for nighttime observations. Made in Japan, the IF SP WP model is build out of durable materials and great optical technology. Enclosed in rugged leather armouring and tightly sealed construction makes them watertight and fog-free with the help of nitrogen gas filling. Wider field of view and high-quality coatings on all glass surfaces help with great light permeability, enhance contrast, resolution and colors. They offer individual focusing system to secure a sharp image and foldable eyepieces to make a better eye-relief if you are wearing glasses.


8. Delta Optical Extreme 7×50

Delta Optical Extreme series offers four models of binoculars, two of which are exceptional for long distance observations in the nighttime, especially convenient for astronomical use. Incredible light transmission rate due to Porro prism system and multi-layers of FCM coatings on special ED glass makes them free of any distortions and chromatic aberrations. They are well protected and able to withstand even the harshest temperature conditions in the range from -40 to 70°C.


9. Bushnell Legacy WP

Bushnell Legacy WP binoculars are affordable Porro prism binoculars that still offer high grade optical performance with BaK-4 prisms. Fully multi-coated lenses help to enhance light transmission rate and image clarity. Watertight construction that is impervious to water, oil and dust and rubber armouring for maximum protection will satisfy every nature enthusiast.


10. Nikon Action EX

Action EX binoculars from Nikon are affordable Porro prism binoculars with great light transmission rate. You can choose between six models for hunting, birdwatching, marine and astronomy observations. They are lightweight and have great light transmission rate and contrast. Watertight and fog-proof construction help to protect them and make them able to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.



This review is not sponsored and it’s completely unbiased. It is made simply out of our own interest in the optics and provides an objective opinion of tested binoculars. Big thanks to Optics Trade who kindly offered us their products to review and test.

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