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The most important thing when buying pocket binoculars is to look for a small size and weight, without losing the optical quality. The pockets are usually most useful during daytime observations due to smaller objective lens sizes which are usually around 25 mm. These binoculars are perfect for different uses – from birdwatching, hiking, traveling, safari to different sports events and theater.

Our top 10 Pocket binoculars are:

1. Swarovski CL Pocket Binoculars

Swarovski 8×25 and 10×25 CL Pocket are probably the best pocket binoculars on the market. They are a bit more robust and less lightweight than their competitors, but still won’t compromise your visual experience. Design of these binoculars makes them extremely comfortable, especially when pressed against the face. The proper eye-relief is much quicker to obtain and when pressed against the face, the comfortability is quite extraordinary for such small binoculars. Double hinge design helps you to fold them closer together and put them in your pockets wherever you go. Convenient for observations of different sports events, they won’t let you down even when observing the nature while hiking, camping etc. Eyecups are multi-positioned so they are perfect even for eyeglass wearers. Watertight construction allows you to take them with you in the harshest weather conditions making these daytime pocket binoculars a definite must-have.

2. Zeiss Victory Compact T*

One of the smallest high-end binoculars that you can simply store in pockets are Zeiss Victory Compact 8×20 and 10×25. These incredibly lightweight binoculars are equipped with special Zeiss T* multi-layers of coatings that help to enhance light transmission rate. The construction of these binoculars is impervious due to tight seals and purged with nitrogen gas to eliminate internal fogging. Fog-proof construction together with incredibly thin rubber armouring for comfortable handling help you to use them in the most challenging weather conditions. You can easily take them with you on different sports events or just standard nature observations. Double hinge design helps to fold them together and easily carry them around in your pockets. External lenses are also covered in LotuTec that significantly repels moisture, oil and dust and helps keep the outer lenses clean.

3. Leica Ultravid BL/BR

Leica Ultravid series offers incredibly small high-end binoculars with very thick rubber armouring. You can choose between 8×20 and 10×25 configurations depending on the amount of detail you would like to see when observing sports events or the nature. They are equipped with multi-layers of coatings to enhance light transmission and contrast and are also protected with Aquadura coating that imitates lotus effect. They are watertight and have fog-proof construction, but still feel very lightweight. You can choose between soft rubber BR armouring or leather BL armouring that gives these pocket binoculars incredibly unique look and feel.

4. Nikon High Grade Light DCF

When it comes to pocket binoculars, Nikon offers two smaller models with 8×20 and 10×25 configuration. They are suitable for traveling, hiking, birdwatching and to take them with you to sport events. Extremely lightweight and compact, these Nikon binoculars implement the best optical technology. They have silver coatings to ensure the highest reflection of light and are compact enough to be folded and stored into every pocket. They are also well protected and purged with nitrogen gas, making them watertight and fog-proof.

5. DOCTER compact

Docter Compact binoculars are one of the best and the smallest ones on the market with 8×21 and 10×25 configurations. With great field of view, these binoculars will fit in every pocket if you take them with you on sports events, hiking, traveling, safari etc. They are perfected with high-quality optical coatings, making picture extremely bright, colorful and rich in contrast.  They are well protected with thick rubber armoring, tight seals and are filled with nitrogen gas against internal fogging.

6. Leica 10×25 Trinovid Binoculars

Leica offers two high-end pocket binoculars from Trinovid series with 8×25 and 10×25 configurations. Fully multi-coated lenses offer incredibly bright and clear images. They are also appealing since they are well protected with rubber armouring, purged with nitrogen gas to eliminate internal fogging and tight seals that make them splash-proof.  The field of view and close focusing distance are unfortunately much smaller than we would like, but their extreme lightweight body offers a lot of flexibility. You can easily store them into pockets and take them with you on different events.

7. Steiner Wildlife XP 10×26 Binoculars

Affordable mid-end binoculars that are easily stored into pockets are perfectly adequate for versatile daytime needs, when observing sports events, nature etc. You can choose between three beautifully designed models with 8×24, 10×26 and 10.5×28 configurations that integrate side flaps and thick rubber armouring to protect them against impacts. They are purged with nitrogen gas to eliminate internal fogging which makes them extremely appealing for every enthusiast. Grippy central knob is implemented into the bridge that brings the barrels together and makes them compact enough for easy storing.

8. Kowa BD

Another mid-end pocket binoculars are Kowa BD that offer good close focusing distance but not so wide field of view. You can choose between 8×25 and 10×25 configurations. These binoculars are fully multi-coated to enhance the light transmission and well protected with green rubber armouring. They are purged with nitrogen to eliminate internal fogging. They don’t have a double-hinge design so you cannot fold both of the barrels together, which makes them a bit clumsier when you want to store them in smaller spaces.

9. Hawke Sapphire ED

Hawke Sapphire series offers pocket models with 8×25 and 10×25 configurations. Their main trait lies in extremely lightweight body so you are able to store them into pockets with the help of double hinge design that folds them even closer together. Close focusing distance is very generous and allows you to observe well even the closest objects. The look through is quite impressive and razor sharp with minimal distortions. They are purged with nitrogen gas to eliminate internal fogging and very thick rubber and leather construction that helps to protect them.

10. Zeiss Terra ED Pocket

Affordable mid-end pocket binoculars made by Zeiss offer two Terra ED models with 8×25 and 10×25 configuration. Extremely lightweight binoculars have double-hinge design to easily fold them together and rugged rubber armouring with very appealing modern design, non-slip grip and protection against impacts. These binoculars are well protected and come in different color schemes. They also have waterproof and fog-proof construction that allow you to use them in the most challenging weather conditions.


This review is not sponsored and it’s completely unbiased. It is made simply out of our own interest in the optics and provides an objective opinion of tested binoculars. Big thanks to Optics Trade who kindly offered us their products to review and test.

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