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Perfect first ideas for hunters' loved ones


Being a hunter means spending plenty of time in nature, surrounded by woods, plains, and – hopefully – game. A hunter’s mission is not seasonal – work must be done in the hunting ground, regardless of whether it is Summer or Winter. These dutiful tasks that take quite some time, which is why every hunter is grateful to have an understanding, tolerant partner by their side that encourages them at what they do. What is better than showing our partner that we truly care for them and appreciate their support? What is better than surprising our dearest with a unique gift that they will never forget? Here are some nice suggestions as to what you can buy for your loved ones for Christmas, birthday, anniversary, etc.

Binoculars are a part of the mandatory hunter equipment and can also be found in the possession of some birdwatchers but that is far from their only fields of use. Several pocket and compact variations are available on the market – these are perfect for activities such as hiking, observing nature and all sorts of events connected to sports, theatre, and similar. In other words, they are suitable for various situations, both sporty and glamorous. As such, they are a perfect gift.

Leica Trinovid 8×20 BCA, 10×25 BCA

For those who like the combination of quality and aesthetics, Leica is a perfect choice. Trinovid BCA binoculars are incredibly compact. They can be used for outdoor activities but go well even with a more elegant outfit because of their black colour and refined design. They can be easily folded and stored into a purse if needs be. Trinovid BCA binoculars can be easily held even in smaller hands with shorter fingers. On top of that, the optical performance is incredible considering its size. Your partner will grow fond of these in no time.

Leica Ultravid Blackline/Silverline 8×20, 10×25

If you are looking for utmost elegance, look no further. Ultravid Blackline and Silverline are easily the most elegant pocket series of binoculars on this list. They come at a price, but reasonably so. Firstly, they are made by Leica, so the optical and build quality are self-evident. Secondly, they combine virtues of classics and modernity. Finally, these are among the most conspicuous and attention-grabbing pocket binoculars on the market. The red Leica logo imprinted on the housing is an attraction per se, but these series are all about small details. All models are covered with leather and are as such a great supplement for an elegant outfit. If your partner is into silver, then Silverline is a perfect choice. A silver housing is rare in the world of binoculars, and the user is sure to stand out of the crowd. All the binoculars from these two series come with an incredibly elegant, fashionable purse which can be shamelessly showed off even at important meetings or during solemn events.

Swarovski CL Pocket 8×25, 10×25

Of course, we couldn’t deny Swarovski a position in this list. Swarovski is a synonym for elegance in the world of optics. With these, attracting attention is inevitable. Swarovski used their famous green colour for this device, combining it with a bit of black. These colours make them an excellent accessory for sportswear. Additionally, they can be stored in every purse because of their small size and double hinge design which allows them to be completely folded. An excellent choice for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and travelling. Of course, they are also a perfect companion for a romantic stroll down the avenue.

Swarovski CL Companion 8×30, 10×30

Another Swarovski on our list – the truth is, we could not go past the Companion. The elegance of this series is indisputable, as is the modernity that Swarovski implemented in various ways. There are two colours available, green and anthracite. Additionally, Swarovski offers three different accessory packs. The Wild Nature pack is the all-time classic you can’t go wrong with, but there are two other options. Is your partner of the bold type and into something new? Go for the Urban Jungle pack. Is he or she more of a laid-back person, prudent and calm? Then, the Northern Lights pack is the right choice. Of course, you do not have to follow these guidelines, but you get the point – interpret each style your own way and find out which goes best with the person’s character. These are a little bigger than the CL Pocket but still quite small and lightweight. Their size makes them suitable for longer, fatigue-free observations.

Zeiss Victory Compact 8×20, 10×25

When talking about Leica and Swarovski, Zeiss simply cannot be omitted. These high-end pocket binoculars deliver both optically and physically. They are black all over, the only exception being the blue-white Zeiss logo. Because of the colour used, they are a great complement for almost any dressing style – sporty, elegant, you name it. Your partner will love the unique single-hinge design that Zeiss used for these binoculars – they can be easily folded to a size where the user can store them basically anywhere, including a pocket and a purse. In the package, a stylish black leather case with a Zeiss logo is provided. This case is not only a safe place for the transport of your high-quality binoculars but also an exquisite accessory that will not go unseen.

Kowa BD 8×25, 10×25

These made-in-Japan pocket binoculars are a real treat. Kowa managed to pack great optics into a small housing. Even though these are much cheaper than all the binoculars listed above, their performance is far from disappointing. These can be used during simple strolls and observations but also for more strenuous activities such as hiking. Packing them is easy because of their size – even a handbag will do. A great choice for introducing your partner to the beautiful world of optics.

Vortex Diamondback 8×28, 10×28

Even though these are the most affordable on this list, they deliver. Vortex managed to implement strikingly good optics in a durable housing for a very reasonable price. No wonder the Diamondback series is so popular. For someone who hasn’t used binoculars before, these are perfect. Vortex includes a practical storing case, but because of the compact size of these binoculars, they can easily be stored in a purse or even in a pocket. Vortex’s VIP warranty has you covered even if something goes wrong. Because they are so compact, one can use them almost everywhere – during a stroll, hike or whatever floats one’s boat.


This review is not sponsored and it’s completely unbiased. It is made simply out of our own interest in the optics and provides an objective opinion of tested binoculars. Big thanks to Optics-Trade who kindly offered us their products to review and test.

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