In this article, I want to present you the top 10 10×50 binoculars from the year 2018, that cost under 600 EUR. This kind of binoculars are very popular among hunters and birdwatchers because they offer a pretty bright picture thanks to the big objective lens, but the package is still not that big (if you, for example, compare them to the big binoculars with a 56 millimeters objective lens).

It is worth mentioning that most of the binoculars have a roof prisms except one of them which has a Porro prism. I have started creating this list with selecting the binoculars due to their specification and special features like weight difference, the field of view, build quality and so on.

Most of these binoculars are made in China, but some of them are also made in Japan, and only one on the list is made in Czech Republic. The warranty period for these products is also quite different because some manufacturers offer only a 5 years long warranty, and some others astonishing 30 years.

And here is my list of best 10×50 binoculars under 600 Euros that are available in this year:

10. Nikon Prostaff 5 10×50

9. Bushnell Trophy Xtreme 10×50

8. Hawke Endurance ED 10×50

7. Vortex Diamondback ED 10×50

6. Delta Optical Chase 10×50

5. Delta Optical Extreme 10×50 ED

4. Vixen New Foresta 10×50

3. Leupold BX-2 Tioga HD 10×50

2. Athlon Midas 10×50

1. Vortex Viper HD 10×50









Nikon Prostaff 5 10×50








Bushnell Trophy Xtreme 10×50








Hawke Endurance ED 10×50








Vortex Diamondback ED 10×50








Delta Optical Chase 10×50








Delta Optical Extreme 10×50 ED








Vixen New Foresta 10×50








Leupold BX-2 Tioga HD 10×50








Athlon Midas 10×50








Vortex Viper HD 10×50








10.Nikon Prostaff 5 10×50

I am starting this article with the cheapest binocular on this list with Nikon Prostaff 5 10×50. This binoculars cost only 239 EUR and are still in my top 10 list. But don’t let the price fool you, even for this price you get a lot of features and a really good optical performance. It is a very nice product which was very well designed and built by experts from China. You also get a nice amount of accessories inside the box from the neck strap, bag, and covers which are all made out of a nice material. Nikon promises 5 years of warranty for this product. Optically it is far from bad as well, for instance, it has a FOV of 98 meters which is more than some binoculars which landed higher on this list. The total weight of the product is 816 g which, from our characteristics, is very lightweight compared to some others. You could say that this binocular is an entry level in this 10×50 category under 1000 EUR that gives a lot of optically and physically for its price.

9.Bushnell Trophy Xtreme 10×50

My next binocular is a Bushnell Trophy Xtreme 10×50 which was selected as a ”classical all-rounder” from the general wildlife observation, hunting etc. It offers a reasonably wide field of view of 105 m and performs really well over a wide range of distances. Beside the all-rounder design, it is very important to mention that this binocular is a really good choice for glasses users as it features a long eye-relief and multi-stop eyecups which offer more than enough flexibility and room to work with. For the price of this roof-prism binocular, you receive a warranty of 20 ”worry-free” years that comes with every Trophy Xtreme binocular. Despite the large lenses, this product is generally lightweight and has a really sleek body shape, making it comfortable for every type of user for a long period of time.

8. Hawke Endurance ED 10×50

Our ”Lucky 8” is actually not so much lucky but rather well deserved as this series of binoculars are award-winning. The Best binocular award was received in 2016 with the 8×32 model, but optically it is pretty much the same with this one. What stands out the most for this series are great ergonomics and optical performance due to the ED glass and coatings which is perfect for everyday use such as hunting, bird watching, hiking etc. You’re able to choose between two colors – green or black. Endurance ED offers a wide field of view of 101 meters, which helps you track down the objects at a much faster rate than usual. Everything comes nicely packed with the very hard protected case for storage and protection. Other accessories included are neoprene neck-strap, objective lens covers, rain guards, and a lens cleaning cloth.

7.Vortex Diamondback ED 10×50

Moving on on our list of the top 10 binoculars under 1000 EUR comes from overseas, the promised land of USA. This series of binoculars were introduced in 2016 and their hand-friendly design makes them convenient for everyday use. The Vortex Diamondback series is very recommended if you’re striving towards a good quality and high-performance optic at an affordable price. Thse binoculars are best suitable for low-light conditions and other activities that don’t require so much dynamics. The big 50mm objective lenses with high-quality coatings offer a good option of identification of wildlife far away in lower light conditions. What’s not so great on this binocular is the smaller field of view, which is only 96 meters at 1000 meters. The best thing with the Diamondback series, however, would be the warranty. Even though it is stated that the warranty period is only 10 years, Vortex offers so-called VIP WARRANTY, which is actually an unconditional unlimited lifetime warranty.

6. Delta Optical Chase 10×50 ED

Slowly chasing our top 10 binoculars with no other than the Delta Optical Chase 10×50 from Poland. Delta Chase combines good resolution, good contrast and compact dimensions of binoculars used for lower light observations. ED optics give an excellent correction of chromatic aberration, and these binoculars feature also a flat field of view of 109 m. These binoculars feature a roof system with an internal focusing mechanism. The body is also very well designed and durable, shockproof and waterproof. The weight is also the factor that helped these binoculars reach number 6 – it weighs only 890 g.

5. Delta Optical Extreme 10×50 ED

My ”middle” binocular on the list would be another Delta. That is correct, you might ask yourself why two Delta binoculars in a row, but the fifth place is well deserved for Delta Optical Extreme 10×50 ED because of their amazing optics and because it is the only binocular with Porro prisms on the list. It is an incredibly durable binocular that provides a very bright image. That makes it perfect for long-range observations during challenging light conditions. The housing is also filled with dry nitrogen that eliminates internal fogging. We can say with absolute certainty that this series offers the biggest and one of the most powerful Porro prism systems on the market.

4.Vixen New Foresta 10×50

This product features the longest eye relief of 20 mm, which is the most of all on our top 10 list. The new open hinge design of the bridge gives your fingers a better grip for holding the binocular really well, and the enhanced coatings of the lenses deliver brighter and clearer images in low-light conditions such as dusk or dawn. In the package, a carry strap and a soft case which helps to protect the binocular from shocks and dirt are included. They’re also waterproof and dry nitrogen filled for observations in a very cold environment. Vixen promises 30 years of warranty for this product, which is really long for a middle class binocular. The last thing we all must keep in mind is that this binocular is the lightest from all on our list. With only 760 grams it can be used also as a perfect all-rounder.

 3. Leupold BX-2 Tioga HD 10×50

The time has finally arrived to give our first medal. The bronze medal goes to no other than Leupold Bx-2 Tioga 10×50. This is a really bright binocular with plenty of contrast and suitable for any terrain throughout the year, thanks to its thick rubber coating which protects the entire housing. What is also great about this model is that it features the twilight max light management system which is ideal for optimizing the light transmission across the visible light spectrum. Multi-coated lenses are really top notch for the price of only 549 EUR. In the package, you get a shoulder strap, binocular case, lens covers, and a lens cloth. It almost gives an impression that it was specifically designed for use at dusk or dawn, even though it has only a 50mm objective lens. This new Leupold binocular is very ergonomic and keeps a very good balance between the price and quality.

2.Athlon Midas 10×50

Well anchored in the second place is Athlon Midas 10×50. With its great characteristics of high-quality optics, this binocular is a perfect choice if you’re striving towards high power and a very good low light performance. What also stands out from the others is its remarkable wide field of view of 115 meters, which is pretty wide for a binocular with 10x magnification. The weight is of negligible importance, considering that the binoculars are of such quality. Nevertheless, the binocular weighs 936 grams, so it is more on the heavy side. For the price, you get a product that performs really well in bright light as well as in low light conditions. The binocular on the #2 on our list is, of course, a good choice for astronomical observations as well.

1.Vortex Viper HD 10×50

And we finally have a winner. The top award goes to none other than the American manufacturer of optics – Vortex. The great Viper HD 10×50 binocular is an ideal product for bird watching, hunting in big open areas due to the really big field of view of 115 meters at 1000 meters, and also for astronomical observations as well. Even though this product is a little over the maximum mentioned price, I’ve still put it on the list because it is only 49 EUR over the given price. Practically you can observe any object without any problem at 10x magnification. Viper is also equipped with the XR-ANTI-REFLECTIVE technology that eliminates inner reflections. High-density HD-glass also delivers high definition images due to the reduction of chromatic dispersion and provides an impressive color fidelity. It will also never let you down in any weather conditions, snow or rain. Another great feature of the Vortex binoculars is that they can be mounted on a tripod. Included in the package are lens covers, a padded curved strap for carrying it around your neck and a nylon case perfect for storage and protection.

This review is not sponsored and it’s completely unbiased. It is made simply out of our own interest in the optics and provides an objective opinion of tested binoculars. Big thanks to Optics-Trade who kindly offered us their products to review and test.

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